Welcome to MathsDuel

MathsDuel is a card game for two players stimulating problem solving, mathematical skills and strategic thinking. Aim of the game is to capture other player’s number cards using their maths abilities and be the first to reach a target amount of points.

Each player has a deck of cards containing Number Cards and Spell Cards, special cards that can modify the value of number cards or give each player special actions

The basic rule of the game is that a number captures a number with the same value. Some number cards have special abilities that allow them to capture group of numbers in one move, or capture numbers with a value different from their own. Spell cards can also modify the value of number cards, and also capture, create or give extra abilities to them. There are more than 100 spells for millions of different combinations, tricks and strategies!

Players can use pre-defined decks of card or build their own decks to implement their personal strategies

MathsDuel can be played in schools at different level of difficulty, from 2nd class to 6th class curriculum. We created specific versions of MathsDuel to address maths curriculum unit such as: